DA VAJ Northern Bushcraft & Trekking was started in 1994 by Dutchman Geerd de Koning.
The  Belgium Ardennes, Canada, America & Scandinavia have been the play grounds of Davaj !
Since 2004 the company is located in Sweden. We organize all kind of bush craft & camp-craft courses, canoe,- dog sledge,- scooter,- and snowshoe -trekkings in summer or winter.

On several unique locations we have build our lodges from where we work.
Directly on to the lake shore Bear lodge offers accommodation for 8 and Lynx lodge for 6 persons.
After a day out discovering and enjoying nature these lodges offer you a warm and comfortable night!

The beautiful Swedish nature
Loulou, Geerd & their son Sirah live in the middle of the beautiful Swedish nature. Surrounded by clear lakes, vast stretches of woodland and mountains within short range. Geerd likes to take his guests out on nature trekkings and tries to give them an inside view of living with nature and the position of people inside nature.

We shows you nature, how does it smell, taste, hear and feel. Every season has its own beauty and it’s up to you to discover!

From his childhood Geerd has always been fascinated by life and nature. He organised his first survival when he was 18 years old!.
During his trekkings in Canada, America and Scandinavia bush craft and camp craft have always been the focal point. Later he added Vision Quest to balance bush craft capabilities with “human-being”. The urge to discover and explore personal freedom. This is something you can still discover here in the wilderness of Sweden.
Bush craft, camp craft, hunting and fishing are a part of our daily routine here in Norrland Sweden.

Loulou, Geerd and Sirah welcome you to share their way of life with you!
We call it Nature Wellness!




For more information don’t hesitate to contact us.
Geerd de Koning
Loulou Galarraga


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