Basic mountainman bushcraft course

A Basic Bushcraft course in the beautiful mountainous nature of Jämtland.
This is the habitat of reindeer, lynx, bear and wolf. Here you can fully enjoy an undisturbed stay in our bushcraft tent camp, located at a small lake. All basis aspects of bushcraft will be reviewed, as well as Sámi survival techniques. Different ways of making fire, recognizing edible and medicinal plants, fishing and setting traps, cooking over an open wood fire, outdoor cooking, First Aid, tracking and reading your surroundings, building a shelter, use of materials and wilderness etiquette. Want to take a break from the hectic every day life and enjoy bushcraft together with friends or family? Then this course is the ideal starting point!

We provide this vacation during the months of June, September and October, especially during these months because then there are little or no mosquitoes.

You stay lap tents, Sámi settlements and self built shelters

Min number of participants: 3
Max number of participants:  12

€  795,- per person
Private course; € 980,- per person with min 2 persons.

What’s included?
All meals, guiding, transportation in Jämtland.
Use of materials like knife, axe, saw, sleeping bag, mattress, reindeer hide, head torch, course material.
Bram, Sander, Marcus , Geerd

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