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In the middle of beautiful Jämtland, in the centre of Sweden, lies the bushcraft camp of Davaj Northern bushcraft and trekking.

This is the perfect operating base for a couple of days of pure nature. If you think the Ardennes are beautiful and the Veluwe gorgeous, you will think you have found paradise here. There are 4 Lapland tents in the bushcraft camp where you can easily sleep with 2 persons. The camp is surrounded by vast woods and lakes with a small village here and there. This is the area where elk, bear and lynx still reside. The place where you can still build huts, stoke your own cooking fire and can walk for miles without being disturbed by other people.

Together with the guide you will head out each day and learn the fine art of living in nature. Some people call that ¨Survival¨, but it is much more than that!
You learn to recognize plants which you can eat, or which are medicinal.
You will have a look around in the vegetable garden at the camp to see what kind of goodies grow there.
You will bake bread using different methods, and you will try to catch a fish.
You will learn to use a map and a compass and we will see how you can find the four wind directions without a compass.
Furthermore we will make a cup and cutlery from wood and we will make fire, with and without matches!
In short, during this week you and other people will be intensely busy outdoors and learn that which was so common in the past: respect for and an insight into nature!

We provide this vacation in Augustus and September

The program:
Arrival and meeting the other participants at the bushcraft camp.
Overnight stay at the Lapland tent.

After breakfast we set to work outside. We will look for a tree from which we can make the cup. We will also make a walking stick. You will receive instructions on how to use a knife, gouge and axe. Then it is time for tea and bannock. The dough has to be kneaded and we make a campfire. Then we step into the canoe for a trip over the lake. We prepare our dinner over the campfire.

Today we set out for a rigorous hiking trip using a map and compass. We take along our backpack with our belongings and will look for tracks of the deer, elk, marten, squirrel, capecaillie and fox. During the breaks we make a fire and you can finish making your cup. Again we will bake bread and make a robust Swedish logger’s soup for in the billy-can. During our hike we will definitely also take a refreshing bath in a lake.

When we have found a nice location we will set up camp. We will use branches, moss and stones to make a suitable sleeping place. During the summer months it stays light longer. So perfect for catching another fish in a nice spot, or sitting nice and warm by the fire and do some wood working.

We will prepare our dinner over a campfire again.

After we baked our bread and cleaned our camp we will continue our hike.
We will spend time collecting and recognizing plants and mushrooms.
We will approximately 10 to 12 kilometres back to the bushcraft camp, and there take a nice warm bath in the hot tub. For those who want to there’s time for making a trip in the canoe over the lake or take a dive in the cold water!

On the quay at the water we will bake different pizzas in the oven.
The night is spent in the Lapland tent again.

It’s the last day already. At the campfire we will share the talking stick. Everybody gets a chance to talk about his experiences and what he’s learned. Those holding the talking stick do the telling and the rest listens.

After the lunch in the log cabin we clean away our things and those who arrived by plane or train will be brought back again.

€ 575,- per person, with a min of 4 and maximum of 8 participants.

Please contact us for a groep or other arrangements.

The use of sleeping bag and other camping gear

  • 4 nights in a tent
  • All meals
  • Tranportation to and from the airfield or railwaystationNot included:
  • Transportation to Sweden
  • Travel insurance
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