Trapper artic bushcraft course

The trapper bushcraft winter course offers you the opportunity to apply the basic principles of bushcraft – which you might have learnt during the basic bushcraft course, trapper bushcraft or by self-study – into practise during this 7 day course / winter trekking. In this arctic bushcraft course, all basic aspects of bushcraft and Sámi survival techniques under wintry conditions will be reviewed. Numerous techniques for making fire, ice fishing and setting traps, cooking over open fire, outdoor cooking, First Aid, tracking in the snow and reading your surroundings, moving on snowshoes and cross country skis, building shelters, material usage, weapons and hunting techniques and wilderness etiquette.

The difference with other courses is that now there is hardly any food left to be found and therefore you will life off a basic food package that will be taken along on the trekking and which you supply with whatever you catch and fish in nature.

A vigorous but beautiful course/winter trekking, because now you really life by and in nature under extreme circumstances! Patience, improvisation and perseverance are put to the test here! Definitely a unique, challenging and exiting bushcraft experience! Not suited for beginners! All materials will be carried along in the backpack and per day 5 to 15 km will be travelled with snowshoes or cross country skis, depending on the snow conditions!

We provide this vacation during November and December 2010, and March, April, November and December 2011

Lap tents with heating stove, self built shelters and wildernes cabins!

Min number of participants: 4
Max number of participants: 8

€  775,- per person
Private course; € 1.850,– (min 2 persons)

What’s icluded?
All meals, fishing permits, guiding, transportation in Jämtland.
Use of materials like knife, axe, saw, sleeping bag, mattress, reindeer hide, head torch, skis’s, snow boots, course material.

Bram, Sander, Marcus , Geerd

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