Trapper bushcraft course

The trapper bushcraft course offers you the opportunity to apply the basic bushcraft principles which you might have learned during the basic bushcraft course or even thought self study during this 7 day course / trekking. During the course all basic aspects of bushcraft and Sámi survival techniques will be reviewed. Numerous techniques of making fire, recognizing edible and medicinal plants, fishing and setting traps, cooking on an open wood fire, outdoor cooking, First Aid, tracking and reading your surroundings, making a shelter, use of materials, weapons and hunting means, and wilderness etiquette.

The only difference with other courses is that now hardly any basic food will be brought along during the trekking and you will be really busy hunting, fishing and gathering.

A vigorous but beautiful course / trekking, because you really live from and in nature!
Patience, improvisation and perseverance are tested here!
Definitely a unique, challenging and exiting bushcraft experience!
Not suited for beginners! All materials will be carried along in the backpack and we walk between 5 and 15 km per day!

We provide this vacation course during August, September and October.

Accommodations in Lapland tents, and self built shelters or tarps.

Min number of participants: 4
Max number of participants: 8

€  675,- per person
Private course; € 1300,- with min. 4 persons.

What is included?
All meals, fishing permits, guiding, transportation in Jämtland.
Use of materials like knife, axe, saw, sleeping bag, mattress, reindeer hide, head torch, course material. Instructeurs

Bram, Sander, Marcus, Geerd

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