General conditions Davaj Trekking and Bushcraft

1. General

These travel conditions are applicable to all our travel agreements

2. Registration / Booking:

2.1 When you use the booking form or e-mail us that you would like to book a program, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible and confirm whether your proposed period for travelling is still available. Next we will send you an e-mail with a travel agreement with the description of your program, as well as an invoice with the payment conditions. As soon as we have received the signed travel agreement from you, via fax or via mail, and the down payment has been made, your registration for the tour is definite.

2.2 The person who, on behalf of, or for another person, enters into the agreement (the registrant) is jointly and severally liable for all liabilities resulting from the agreement.

2.3 All exchanges (including money transfers) between the traveller(s) on the one hand and the travel organization on the other will solely take place via the registrant.

2.4 The other traveller(s) is (are) liable for his (their) own share.

3. Payment conditions:

Payment will take place in two instalments:

3.1 The down payment: When you receive the travel agreement from us by e-mail, you will sign it and send it back as soon as possible via fax or mail. Within 10 days of returning the signed travel agreement, you must make a down payment of 20% of the arrangement sum.

3.2 You must pay the remaining 80% at the latest 6 weeks prior to the day of departure.

3.3 When registering within 6 weeks prior to departure, the whole amount needs to be paid in full.

4. Cancellation:

We advise you to take out a good cancellation insurance!

4.1 The following fees are charged in case of cancellation:

* up to 40 days prior to arrival: 20% of the travel sum

* from 40 to 15 days prior to arrival: 80% of the travel sum

* from 15 days prior to arrival to the day of arrival: the complete travel sum.

For the declaration of these costs you will need to rely on a well covering cancellation insurance.

4.2 Cancellation fees will not be charged if a replacement is found. However, one still remains primarily liable for meeting all obligations.

4.3 Cancellation and/or transferral of a reservation always needs to be done in writing and by registered mail.

4.4 DaVaj retains the right to cancel, interrupt or change a program in case of unreliable terrain conditions, natural influences or any other circumstance beyond its control. In that case, Davaj will always offer the customer the best alternative possible.

4.5 DaVaj has the right to cancel the agreement up to 40 days prior to the commencement of the programs, whenever the number of registrations is smaller than the required minimum as stated in the publication. In that case the customer will be reimbursed for the paid travel sum minus a €15,00 administration fee.

5. Risk / Liability:

5.1 Participation is at all times at personal risk, and every participant is obliged to cover any possible risks by taking out a well covering health insurance, travel insurance and possibly a cancellation insurance.

5.2 Damage caused by materials rented from third parties, which is not covered by the third party’s insurance, will be redressed from the participant. They will need to sign a document prior to the activity in question, declaring their acknowledgement of this. Not signing the document means exclusion from the activity.

5.3 Physical disabilities which might influence the successful completion of a trip need to be indicated upon registration. When a participant does not have the necessary condition needed to continue a journey during the trip, the travel leader may decide, when  circumstances allow, to exclude the participant from further participation. Any inconveniences and costs resulting from this are for the account of the participant.

5.4 When during a program outdoor sporting materials are used (camping materials, dog sled, snow scooter, special winter clothing) which are provided by the organizer, then as a participant you are expected to handle these materials responsibly. Any costs resulting from negligence of vandalism will be charged.

5.5 The participant is obliged to follow the guidelines set out by the travel leader or guide with regard to safety, program and group events. In the event the guidelines and instructions are not followed, the participant can be excluded from further participation, without being able to claim compensation or reimbursement of the travel sum. Costs resulting from exclusion of the trip are completely for your own account.

5.6 Due to the nature of some of the trips, in semi-wilderness surroundings, the participant has to take into account that the level of continuous services and communication systems may be restricted.

5.7 In case of complaints the participant needs to indicate these to the travel leader or guide immediately, so they have the opportunity to resolve the complaints in  question.

5.87 Changes in time tables of the local transportation companies or airplane companies can influence the duration of travel. The participant does not have the right to a complete or partial reimbursement of the program if the booked program is flawed due to changes in the time tables of transportation companies.

5.9 DaVaj is not liable for extra costs resulting from personal late arrivals of participants at the airport, the train or bus station. We therefore advise you to be on time at the airport, train or bus station at the day of departure.