Dogsled & Bushcraft Experience

We provide this vacation in week 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 (Januari, februari, maart 2011)

The mushers will take you along on a wonderful adventure in the rough and beautiful winter wilderness!
During this dog sled – bushcraft course, all basic aspects of mushing, bushcraft and Sámi survival techniques during wintry conditions will be reviewed. Numerous techniques for making fire, cooking over open fire, outdoor cooking, First Aid, tracking in the snow and reading your surroundings, moving by snowshoes and cross country skis, making a shelter, use of materials, wilderness etiquette.

Every participant will drive their own sled and look after their own team of dogs, of course initially helped and instructed by the mushers!

A tough but beautiful dog sled bushcraft-trekking, because you really are surviving by and in nature under extreme circumstances! Patience, improvisation and perseverance will be tested here! A genuinely unique, challenging and exiting mushing experience!!

Accommodations in Lapland tents with heaters, and wilderness cabins!

€ 1.375,-
per person

What is included?
All meals, fishing permits, guiding, transportation in Jämtland.
Use of materials like knife, axe, saw, sleeping bag, mattress, reindeer hide, head torch, course material, cross country skis, snowshoes.

Instructors- mushers
Urban, Johnny, Frederik, Geerd