Vision Quest, Retraite, Rites of Passage

”where there is no vision the people perish”

”a level up in enjoying the outdoors”

Live like a recluse for 5 days in the serene tranquillity of the Swedish nature.
You are free of everything, no contact with the known world. You will go back to the “roots”.
You will have time for yourself.
You will have time for your surroundings!

You will be staying in a rustic hermit’s cabin or tent tepee in the middle of the wilderness at a small lake. The cabin and tents are comfortably equipped with authentic materials. You will have a good bed, and a wood stove with hot water supply.

What you bring along is up to you.

Davaj will take you to your niche in the wilderness and will pick you up again after 5 days.

We only ask for a small fee for the rent of the tent or the cabin.
Get in touch with us for the period and prices.

”If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you will not find it”

Vision Quest with guidance
No human being can escape being human. We all undergo the ecstasy and pain of being human.

Life is filled with transitional phases; growth means change. We pass from one phase to another. From the womb into childhood, from childhood into puberty, from puberty into adulthood. During adulthood we are confronted with different transitional phases: marriage, divorce, fatherhood, the predictable mid-life crisis, the time when we do not have to work anymore, become older, and in the end the preparation for the final phase: Death.
Within living memory we are confronted by having to take these hurdles. In ancient traditional cultures, these transitional phases were celebrated by rites of passage and intuitive ceremonies. Without these rites, it was hard for man to understand and interpret these changes and experiences. Without these rites, status, social responsibility and privileges would not be clear. These days traditional rites of passage are no longer part of our Western society; we have built a huge wall between cultures and have become estranged from nature. We have erased the spiritual and ritual footprint our ancestors left behind. We have forgotten the old wisdom of the rites of passage; we have discarded them, ridiculed them as being superstitious and described them as being irrelevant. No wonder that many people struggle and fight as victims of change, a burden unto themselves and their surroundings. Only when you understand the experience are you ready to move on. A vision quest can help with that, provide insight into who you are, which phase you’re going through and what the consequences are.

Rites of passage

Wilderness rite of passage for young adults
The transition from teenager to adult is often a painful struggle. The adolescent stage needs to be cleared, the period in which everything changes so quickly, the relationship with parents, with your own body. The child is expected to comprehend the complexity of feelings, experiences, norms and values. When the child has become 21 he suddenly becomes an adult and responsible for his own actions! Like a pilot, it acquires a plane, but is not ready to fly! It receives a landing strip, but is not allowed to take off! The control tower called The Law says the child can sit in the plane and make ground manoeuvres, can start the engines and is allowed to imagine that it can fly! What are the grounds on which our culture decides that the child is ready to take off?

Take part in a 7 day vision quest under professional guidance and explanation of the medicine wheel, the purpose circle, animal totems?
You can!  Feel free to get in touch with us.